Join the Team

Are you compassionate? Intelligent? Energetic? Looking for a meaningful career? Come join our team!

We are very pleased to welcome qualified new team members to Optimized Autism Interventions (OAI), LLC. We hope that you find the work that you do with the children we serve as rewarding and wonderful as we have found it to be.

All of our staff must understand that we are privileged to be trusted with treating our clients. Very few professions give adults the chance to cheer every day (and mean it!). We are privileged because we have the chance to be there when a formerly mute child speaks his or her first word, or says “I love you” for the first time. We know what a gift it is for these children to give us a hug, or to watch a child finally “get” a concept we have worked long and hard to teach. It is sometimes hard to realize what a huge impact we make in the lives of the children and families we work with when we see them every day. It is a turning point in the career of everyone providing high quality ABA when they realize that what they have done has improved that child’s life forever – and the lives of all who love that child, both now and in the future.

OAI programs take place primarily in the client’s homes, though we have some children at our clinic site. Behavior technicians and the Clinical Program Directors who supervise technicians carry a great deal of responsibility for a child’s program, and this is a commitment that cannot be undertaken lightly. Parents rely on behavior technicians because without them their child does not receive therapy. Reliability and commitment are absolutely necessary. Behavior technician training is a large investment on the part of the parents, OAI, and the rest of the child’s team. It is important that anyone considering this position realize that it is an intensive, difficult, and challenging situation a good deal of the time. There may be challenging behaviors. We provide you with training for those situations but they can still be emotionally trying. In spite of this, many of those of us who have done this for a while find it to be the most rewarding experience we have ever had.

Please upload your resume and/or contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!