Welcome to Optimized Autism Interventions

oai-girl-in-window-compositeOptimized Autism Interventions is dedicated to providing high quality applied behavior analysis (ABA) interventions to children with autism.  Effective treatment improves your child’s quality of life, and needs to be tailored to fit each child individually. All our ABA programs are uniquely designed to fit each child’s unique abilities and deficits. No two children will have exactly the same program, though all of our programs use exclusively ABA techniques.

Insurance linkAt OAI, we combine the latest research and the decades of high quality ABA experience of our supervisory staff to maximize the chance that each child we serve will achieve to their full potential. We train every staff member who works with your child to the highest standards, and are always increasing the skill levels of all our staff.

At OAI, we measure our success by the gains made by the children we serve. We will always inform families of the most recent research findings that are pertinent to the treatment of their child.

OAI very much appreciates the trust parents place in us to treat their child’s autism. We keep parents fully informed at all times of all the information we have about  your child. Parents are crucial partners in every aspect of your child’s program. At OAI, decisions will never be made about your child without you. Parent training is integral to all OAI programs and is tailored to meet the needs of each family.